Are you trying to do it all?

You worked hard, you’re strong and ambitious. You’re 100% committed. Always on the go, always on call. That’s how you got where you are today. You’ve build something that you can be proud of!

On the outside, things look great!


Superhero syndrome alert!

On the inside it’s a different story.

The real question is:

Are you happy?

Do you run your business or does your business (or should I say busyness) run you?

You’re tired of work, work, work

Balance? What balance?

Your relationships may be under pressure and you don’t have much time to yourself

You may feel there is a part of you missing

You may even ask yourself what am I doing it for?

Or even lost your drive and passion that you used to have…

Even the strongest have a breaking point


Somewhere along the way, you’ve lost your alignment.

Perhaps you’ve even found yourself on track for burnout


Is it time that we talk?


What if you could…

Stop doing and start being

Have more freedom and time, for your loved ones and for yourself

Purpose, meaning and flow

Feel calm even when there’s lots going on

Be happy


What if..

you could reclaim your phenomenal success from the inside out?

Hi, I'm Jo

I’m super passionate about meaning and purpose in life and work.

It took me a long time to find my purpose and mission in life; I’ve had many different roles in corporate, founded and grew several businesses and burnt out along the journey several times to find my way.

Still, I knew I would find my purpose so that I could make a difference in the world. I studied psychology, NLP, counselling, past life regression, hypnosis, meditation, energy healing and more to figure it out and never go down the slippery slope that is burnout again.

Now, I help my clients to unleash their Soul Power and embrace being a leader in their life. To let go of old patterns in thought, emotions and habits. To create a life and business that they love and feel deeply connected to. To reclaim their phenomenal success from the inside out, so that they can experience more purpose, time, freedom, balance, better relationships and less stress.

I help them to solve the problem of trying to do it all, avoid burnout and be the best Soulfully Connected leader they can possibly be.

I believe that you can be fiercely successful the right way without the sacrifice and losing yourself. Stop doing, start being.

You can be unapologetically you.

No if’s, no but’s. Full stop.

When you’re ready to take your business and life to the next level, we must talk!

I’d love to help you too and I’m so looking forward to connect with you!

Insights & Inspirations

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Why SMART goals are not smart enough When it comes to goal setting, SMART is seen as the way forward. The Acronym SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable or Agreed upon (originally Assignable), Realistic and Time-based. In my view however, SMART goals are not smart enough, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. In this blog…

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Business in Progress

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How feeling good helps you to feel more productive What makes you productive is not just time management techniques, your willpower or your planning. Your feelings and emotions actually play an important role in your productivity. Does that surprise you? Have you ever tried to think yourself productive? It’s impossible, unless you produce a change…

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3 tips to add rhythm to your day to boost your productivity Add rhythm to your day. It can boost your productivity. With the right balance between activity and rest, you can create the most optimal working environment to work with your time and energy. I used to think that working 8 or more hours…

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The Power of Being in Alignment

The power of being in alignment Being in alignment means that you are investing your time and energy on purpose. That you are creating the life and business that you choose in line with your bigger vision. A life and business that lights you up, not one that brings you down. It’s when you do…

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Time management is a myth

Time management is a myth Time management is a myth. It creates the illusion that you can actually manage time and nothing could be further from the truth. Time is a limited, non-renewable resource. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.…

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De-stress for success

De-stress for success with these 6 tips Why is a stressed mind bad for your success? Learning to de-stress is a very important skill for your success. Why? Stress narrows your bandwidth, because a stressed mind is focused on survival. Your thinking skills diminish, your ability to make clear decisions is hampered and the way…

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Challenge your negative thoughts

Challenge your negative thoughts Negative thoughts have a serious impact on your well-being, but also on your success in business. Especially when your current reality doesn’t match up with how you would like your life and business to be, it can be difficult to stick to positive thinking. But it is an important key factor…

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Decluttering to make space for your goals and intentions

How decluttering makes space for your goals and intentions Today I wanted to share with you a simple strategy that I use when I’m working on my goals and intentions. It’s probably not what you think… It’s making space by decluttering! Make space by decluttering Not just physical things, but also mental and emotional clutter.…

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Slow down to speed up – time to reboot your productivity?

Slow down to speed up – time to reboot your productivity? Sometimes you just need to slow down to speed up. Evaluate what works and what doesn’t and look at the next steps to take. At times it’s difficult to see, because you can get caught up in busy work. Do you know that feeling?…

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Are you on track for burnout? These are the signs

The signs that you are on track for burnout What are the signs for burnout? You may be burning out and not even realise. The thing is, from time to time we can all feel that things get on top of us and we need a break. Things can get a bit stressful, that’s part…

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Better done than perfect – escape perfectionism

Better done than perfect: how to escape the need to be perfect Perfectionism, it can really get in your way. You want to get things right, first time, every time. Nothing can ever be as perfect as you would like. You not only hold yourself to very high standards and you expect the same of…

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Make time count those last couple of weeks of the year

How to make time count those last couple of weeks of the year Now we’re approaching the end of the year, I am looking back on this year and the goals I set out at the beginning. Where has the year gone! Right? Now how can you make your time count? There certainly some goals…

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