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Therapist for business and career professionals

Energy alignment Alchemist & Healer

Welcome, I am so glad you’re here!

I know what it feels like to:

Have an endless to-do list, trying to keep up with everything

Work hard and working long hours

Keep so many plates spinning … it’s dazzling

Get pulled in many different directions

Take too much on with responsibility weighing heavy

Want to do everything to be perfect… and then procrastinate until the last minute

Get in your own way with fears, doubt and analysis paralysis


And thinking things like…


Why is this such hard work?

Nobody understands

I could really do with some time to myself

What am I doing wrong?


Can you relate?

That was me… I was no stranger to burning the candle at both ends. For years, I followed a pattern of working for employers, working for myself, studying or everything at the same time. I burnt out … more than once.

Now, I know that burnout happens when you’re out of alignment, when you’re not following your heart. When you’re living from your head, aiming high. Burnout is not just about working too hard. Burnout happens to very dedicated, high achieving people.

It makes me sad to see so many people not living their purpose and reaching their full potential. They believe they are stuck working jobs that make them miserable, depressed and anxious, not living life to the fullest.

Between you and me, I am passionate about transforming dreams into reality. Giving life meaning and purpose. I’ve known that this is what I was meant to do for over a decade. I didn’t listen and I certainly act on it. Why?

Old patterns

Patterns that are imprinted in our stories, even through generations. They show up in our mindset and our emotions.

For me, that meant I did what I thought I should be doing.

I was listening to the stories that I was telling myself

I reacted with my emotions

It’s what I knew, it was what I was used to.

Your soul’s calling doesn’t go away, it may go quiet for a while or you just stop listening. But, then when something happens in your life that shakes the foundations of your world, it re-surfaces.

Until you no longer can ignore that call.

And that is what happened… I started to listen to what I really wanted… To be all of me.

My call got stronger and stronger. I didn’t ignore it any longer. Instead I started to listen.

Work on my mindset. My emotions. My story. Listen to my intuition.

The desire became bigger than the fear to follow the call.

I started to tap into my soul purpose & got focused on what really mattered. Invest my time and energy in much better ways.

And that is how Soulfully connected came to be.

If you’re interested in working with me, let’s have a chat to find out whether we are a good fit.

What I love about my work is that everyone is different, every transformational journey is unique. The combination of your purpose, your gifts, talents, skills, abilities, personality defines how you can make a difference in the world.

And that is another very important lesson I’ve learned along the way.

There is no magic formula that works for everyone. Believe me, I tried. I have followed what business mentors told me to do. The result was a business that was successful, but it was not aligned with who I was. It didn’t feel good anymore. I had to stop and listen to my inner guidance.

In my first business, I did quite the opposite. I tried to figure it out all by myself. I studied business, psychology, marketing, sales, hr, management, and even accounting. It didn’t even cross my mind to ask for help. Now I know that having support is invaluable.

I like to walk my talk. I have a daily meditation, mindset and energy practice that I developed over the years. Spiritual growth matters a lot to me and it is something I discovered from a young age. There is more to life than we can perceive. I’m an intuitive energy healer, a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, an advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner and a certified teacher in Self-empowerment workshops and Guided Meditation. I have studied symbolism and archetypes in dreams, tarot, past life regression and have taught spiritual development workshops.

That said, I feel also very strong about bringing spirituality down to earth so that we can live our human experience to the fullest potential possible. Which means… there is no limit. That is why I love being an entrepreneur and work with entrepreneurs as The Soulful Business Coach.

Entrepreneurship allows me to grow and calls me to continue growing.

I invest a lot in my personal growth (because a business can only grow as far as you do) as well as my professional growth. Only that way I can continue to support my clients in the best possible way.

I love to learn … every day.

Reading, listening to teachers to gain different perspectives in all aspects of business, psychology and personal growth. The human mind just fascinates me. I have a degree in psychology and I am a NLP Master Practitioner & Coach, hypnotherapist and counsellor.

From 1992, when I started my first business, translating, editing and copywriting, the search for meaning and purpose has been an important theme throughout. Burning out has taught me so much about meaning, purpose and alignment, to be true to who I am and what I stand for. Giving up was never an option, even in the deepest and darkest moments.

Empowering people to find their greatest potential and to find their purpose has been very much part of my life since. When I was working in the corporate world, in training, coaching, management, hr and recruitment, when I had my own training & consultancy company and as a therapist.

Now I have brought all my experience together in Soulfully Connected.

Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to support so many different people from different walks of life and backgrounds and I am looking forward to many more.

If you would like to talk about working together, let connect for a chat. I am looking forward to talk with you.

What is it like to work with me?